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Why Africa?

  • Sub Saharan Africa growth is projected at 5.7% p.a. in 2013 – 2017; urban population in Africa to exceed Europe by 2015;
  • resources boosting growth & demand; supply constraints help rentals.

Country selection criteria:

  • political stability;
  • sanctity of property title;
  • diversified economy;
  • strong macroeconomic fundamentals.

The rationale is to have a mix of low yield and high yield properties in the portfolio by virtue of the combined basis argument.

Property types


    • urban shopping centers as middle class grows spurred by infrastructure improvements has led to a property boom in most of the Sub Saharan African countries;
    • the acquisition
    • strategy will be 90% plus tenanted malls with national
    • and international tenants;
    • located along traffic nodes;
    • the prime yield of 10%.


  • the acquisition strategy is that of hot spots due to change in use from residential to commercial;
  • located along traffic nodes;
  • he yield of 9%.


  • located along traffic nodes;
  • the prime yield of 12%.


Ideally the target is two or three star hotels which cater for the poorly - served, budget -conscious business traveller with international brands as operators. The rationale is have a portfolio of a chain of quality middle-market hotels in market dominated by expensive high-end hotels & small "mom & pop" lodges. The model is to carefully

select investments that will minimise risk while achieving target IRR and ROE respectively. On the operations the team will comprise of professionals

with construction management, project management, and cost control experience to minimise budget and time overruns.

Low cost housing

select investments that will minimise risk while achieving target IRR and ROE respectively. On the operations the team will comprise of professionals with construction management, project management, and cost control experience to minimise budget and time overruns.

These programs range from subsidy schemes (individual and project linked) to social housing and affordable housing schemes. Subsidized housing has been made available to qualifying individuals and families in the form of rental stock. In other instances, governments make land available to developers at below market rates to facilitate the development of rental housing units. By and large the public sector remains the largest driver of the provision of social and affordable housing in most countries with cities accounting for 40% to 50% of all low cost residential market investment mainly on the back of migration in pursuit of economic opportunities.

The thrust is to provide enhanced quality urban housing services for low and middle income housing through various models and PPP structures thus creating sustainable communities.

Student accommodation

  • growth of student numbers without commensurate growth in available accommodation; growth in tertiary colleges;
  • growth in international student numbers;
  • supply constraints help rentals;
  • higher rentals than office space;
  • stable structure in good condition;
  • currently occupied (ideally with head lease from an institution); §§ right room configurations;
  • ideally located within 1km from the institution.


vacancy marketing

tenant screening


property management

Correctional facilities

The model is to partner with in-country government department responsible for running the prison system. The model is a PPP on a concession basis with government partners. The quality of facilities are critical to re-entry programs into the societies with many governments battling with finite resources this provides an opportunity to add value.

Property development

This encompasses activities that range from the renovation of existing top structures and re-lease of existing buildings, purchase of undeveloped land and the sale of improved land or parcels to others. There are various structures for engagement on real estate development.

Facilities management

  • building inspections;
  • general maintenance;
  • engagement or discharge of cleaners and or caretakers; §§ reading and billing
  • of electrical and water sub meters; §§ management of maintenance and restoration projects.


Goodson Capital Partners has a 25% shareholding in Transafrican Energy & Power (TAE&P).

TAE&P is a global, multi-product, privately owned power generation business with active projects in Africa. Having various subsidiaries and affiliates, Transafrican Energy & Power is a leading worldwide supplier of technology, equipment, and aftermarket services for diesel engines, steam turbines, heat recovery steam generators, steam generators, electrical generators for the power generation industry. The Transafrican Energy & Power organization integrates leading technology resources, advanced power generation products, and an elite body of professionals to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions available today.

Transafrican Energy & Power was established to provide a competitive solution to power industry and as an alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). For global recognition and acceptance, experienced industry professionals were sourced with sound intellectual capability gained from leading blue chip companies. The combined knowledge, skills, experience and competence that reside within Transafrican Energy & Power, nurtured by the key professional qualities of executive leadership, combined with the key professional skills of the engineering team all contributed to immediate success.

Oil Tanks

The company intends to setup bulk oil storage facilities due to the discovery of substantial oil reserves in the continent within this context Goodson Capital Partners has identified the need for oil storage tanks to store petroleum products.

Macro-economic review

The political environment is peaceful and stable in target countries especially the land-locked. Therefore, we have identified countries that can act as corridors for petroleum products to be delivered to these countries.

Industry review

The Oil Industry in the continent is developing at a very fast rate. The start of oil production in target countries is expected to trigger establishment of more businesses and a rise in the consumption of refined petroleum products, necessitating the need for additional petroleum storage facilities.

The petroleum downstream sector in target countries has been deregulated allowing private sector participation in oil procurement. The private sector imports are approximately 60 -70% of the oil requirement, and storage facilities are needed to store the imports.

The petroleum storage facilities in the target countries are grossly inadequate.

Key highlights

The products will include gasoil, gasoline, aviation turbine kerosene, crude oil and light cycle oil. The strategy is to provide to long term access to storage facilities for oil marketers on leases basis instead of using own balance sheets to construct the same. The threat of competition is low due to the capital-intensive nature and specialized skills and experiences required in the operations.



The company is immensely active on PPP projects to ensure African growth and development across the continent and has embarked on infrastructure activities such as road constructions to open up the continent for business and investments.


As part of the PPP structure ,Goodson extends its interests and work on building bridges in Africa and has established a strong foundation and correspondence to ensure an impeccable delivery of quality modern and sustainable bridge construction in the continent


With our interest in African energy development and strategy plan though TransAfrica energy (A subsidiary of Goodson Capital Partners) ,Goodson is involved and keen on Dam constructions across Africa


Goodson has capacity to handle supply chain complexities of design, manufacture, supply & repair including modernisation of rolling stock.

We are keen to be involved in the ​shaping of​ the next generation’s transport infrastructure​ in Africa. In that endeavour we are involved in new innovations including​ RRV.

A road-rail vehicle (“RRV”) is a vehicle which can operate both on rail tracks and a conventional road.

Ports & Inland Containers Depots

Africa's ports are a key component of the continent's growth. Goodson can assist with port infrastructure to increase throughput which is a critical factor. This is based on various strategies from port management partnerships, improvements and formulation of optimal investment plans.


Airports are critical for Africa's transport network infrastructure. Goodson's involvement can increase of capacity and requisite infrastructure to make an airport a transport hub able to host airlines from all continents.

This can range from runways to systems improvements.