Business Profile

Focus sectors

  • natural resources
  • power and energy
  • infrastructure
  • logistics
  • financial services
  • manufacturing
  • Property
  • telecommunications

Consulting and Advisory

At the heart of our approach is a team of skilled professionals with many years of experience on projects spanning a wide range of market sectors and disciplines. The team is highly skilled in assessment advisory capability and are conversant in the structuring and delivery of successful projects in all sectors.

The company under advisory specializes in:

  • investment strategy development planning
  • Risk analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • project management
  • change management
  • financial and economic advisory and Planning asset investment programs and strategic development
  • modeling and monitoring of urban growth trends
  • PPP assessment and development
  • development and needs monitoring
  • project evaluations
  • development and needs monitoring
  • integrated development plans
  • local economic development (LED) strategy
  • impact assessments
  • strategic planning

What sets us apart

The team assembled have the relevant depth and breadth of experience to be able to deliver innovative solutions and to be able to generate, model and implement ideas around the assessments after reviewing:

  • case studies with other similar economic development sectors
  • justifiable cost elements
  • investment packaging and marketing
  • review national and global investor demands
  • resource mobilization
  • social-economic analysis
  • development planning
  • stipulated timeframes

Our approach

Goodson Capital Partners submits proposals after careful consideration and understanding of client desired end goal. A team of qualified consultants with the expertise, global experience, capacity and capability are assigned to undertake the work.


  • bespoke research
  • political analysis
  • country and stock market reports
  • sectorial reports
  • listed counter specific reports

Capital Raising

GCP provides continent-wide and offshore capital raising advisory on contact basis. The size and nature of the transaction determines the requisite deal considerations and ideal funder(s). The funder can be local or international or a syndication of local and international funders.

GCP advises on:

I. debt

II. equity

III. draw-down / revolving facilities

Business Environment Checks

This can be done market by market or on a sectorial approach based on client preferences to inform investment decisions on shoring up investments or divesting. The themes can cover diversification and business path finding strategies that are different from country to country at a strategic level.

Business Path Finding

We are close to the developments and institutions in the continent. Thus able to open doors for business opportunities once we get a chance to learn more about a company’s work. In most cases the business models seem straight forward and present solid value propositions to potential customers in African countries.

We are happy to explore business relationships to achieve the following strategic objectives:

1. Market scan of target African markets, entailing:

  • investigation of strategies and opportunities;
  • advise on the regulatory framework
  • advise on country feasibility;
  • advise on unique business risks.

2. Identification and introduction of prospective partners through:

  • advising on engagement strategies;
  • advising on deal structures and facilitation;
  • facilitation of corporate access for opportunities.

3. Execution of initial due diligence on partners:

  • handling of financial, legal and technical due diligence documentation;
  • mitigation against potential conflicts;
  • reduction of risk on loss of proprietary information.

4. Facilitation of visits to key markets where necessary and identification of innovative ways for the company to generate product demand by:

  • advising on strategic partnerships; §§ advising on budgets;
  • advising on overall campaign strategies including but not limited to print and digital media.

We are building regional country offices to allow for more rapid execution and an even broader network. GCP has strong relationships with experts across African markets in C-suite positions for increased efficiency in management of projects.

Acquisition Strategy

We can be tasked from time to time to deliver bespoke reports on targets as well as the markets envisioned. We can offer specialized due-diligence services and capital raising expertise based on each acquisition target.


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